After seeing all of the stories about Toy R Us set to close all of it's stores, I had to visit ours, for what could've been the last time. I think a lot of people had the same idea, because it was packed! I'm talking, weeks before Christmas kind of busy. I think we were all in search of huge mark downs, and the last of Toys R Us exclusives. I did not see any signage stating the store was closing, but I found a few clues.

1. Empty Shelves

This is the section that usually houses the outdoor playsets.

2.  Clearance Sections

I noticed a lot of clearance sections, still nothing specifically saying it was a liquidation, just clearance.

Clearance Toys. Photo by Liberty

3. Ominous Sign

This jacket may symbolize someone protesting the store's closure. The sad black jacket between more clearance, and the sad Care Bear :/ Or, someone just left their jacket. Either way, it was weird!

Sad Jacket Left Hanging. Photo by Liberty

4. No Collector's Items

This shelf is located in the action figure area. It's dated March 3rd, and it's empty, with no promise of more product.

Another Empty Shelf. Photo by Liberty

5. Bankruptcy Inside Bankruptcy

Across from my favorite area of the store (Hello Kitty) sits a Claire's section. Word on the street, is that they will file bankruptcy in the next few weeks. Bye childhood.

I will miss their headbands. Photo by Liberty

But There's Still Hope!

This sign promises new summer stock is on it's way! I'm guessing this was just an oversight, but it gives us a little hope.

New Shipments For Summer, Just in Time to Close. Photo by Liberty