The saddest part of my day, is saying bye to my dog, Harlie. She would love to jump in the car and go with me, but our office is not pet friendly. I was surprised to find out how many companies are pro-pet!

1. Sky Zone's Corporate Office - Home Zone Los Angeles, CA

I had the opportunity to tour the Sky Zone office, and was greeted by several sweet dogs! Many team members had dog beds and toys in their work space.

Sky Zone CEO Jeff Platt's Dog. Photo by Liberty
Sky Zone CEO Jeff Platt's Dog. Photo by Liberty

2. Google - Mountainview, CA

I think the entire state of California is pro pets at work! Well, not all pets. In Google's policy, you can bring your dog, but no cats are allowed.

3. Amazon - Seattle, WA

This cute video shows the amazing setup for pups at Amazon.

4. Tito's Vodka - Austin, TX

Tito's founder has a rescue dog, and encourages his employees to bring their dogs to work. He even has a blog Vodka for Dog People.

5. Mars, Inc - McLean, VA

You might associate Mars with candy, but they also make pet food. Dogs are allowed in their offices. In some of their locations, they offer boarding for dogs. 80% of their volunteer projects are animal related.


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