The Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau (Visit Evansville) announced that the 2022 Tri-State Figure Skating Council Synchronized Skating Competition will be held at Swonder Ice Arena in Evansville on February 11-13, 2022. The competition is being organized by the Greater Evansville Figure Skating Club.

In addition to being a great event for local skaters and fans of figure skating, the event is also a big win for the city of Evansville. The competition means that 87 teams and 1200 skaters from around the country will be in Evansville over that weekend. Visit Evansville estimates the event will lead to over 800 hotel rooms being booked and an extra $420,000 in revenue for our area.

Laura Peck, Senior Sales Manager for Visit Evansville, says

The Greater Evansville Figure Skating club not only champions the future of figure skating in our area, but it is much needed economic impact to our city, hotels, venues, restaurants, and other locally owned businesses. We look forward to collaborating on this event and many others in the future.

You can email Laura, or call (812) 598-8186 for more information. Swonder Ice Arena is located at 209 N. Boeke in Evansville.

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Synchronized ice skating has got my interest piqued - I've never heard of it and it's possible you haven't either.  When I think of figure skating, I'm used to seeing an individual or a pair of skaters doing their thing out there on the ice. Synchronized ice skating involves a whole group/squad/team of skaters, anywhere from 8-16 people. Just like with synchronized swimming, the goal is to move as one unit. I don't know about you, but knowing that makes this event more exciting.

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