A list of places in America that look like they belong in another country features two Missouri cities. One of them, we agree, looks like it belongs in Europe, but the other city feels VERY American to us... What do you think?

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The list is called 35 Places in America That Look Like Foreign Countries, and two of the 35 cities on the list are here in the Show-Me State of Missouri. The city on the list I agree with, is Hermann, Missouri. The site says this about Hermann...

"No need to travel to Europe to enjoy German-inspired architecture or fine wines. You can sample both in Hermann, Missouri. Founded by German immigrants in the mid-1800s, the city today retains a European vibe that's only enhanced by the flourishing wineries in the surrounding area."

Now, the other city on the list is Kansas City, and I completely disagree with KC being on this list. The reason they put it on the list is because of 48 fountains throughout the city, and while yes, that is very European and a great thing KC has going for it, that doesn't make it LOOK like it doesn't belong in America. Kansas City has such an American-Midwest vibe beyond the fountains that you aren't fooling anyone into believing when you are in Kansas City you are anywhere but in America.

Some of the other cities on the list I agree with are New Orleans, Frankenmuth, Michigan, Vail, Colorado, and Helen, Georgia. Check out the full list of "un-American looking, American cities" by clicking here! 

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