-by Stacey Stratman

The newly formed 100+ Women Who Care Evansville is holding an informational meeting to attract members on Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at 5:30pm at Lamasco’s at 1331 W Franklin Street in Evansville.
Following on the successful heels of the newly founded 100 Guys Who Care Evansville, five local women are starting a women’s group with the same vision. 100+ Women Who Care Evansville will consist of local women interested in making an immediate, direct and positive impact within the Tri-state. Each woman commits to giving $100 to an agreed upon non-profit four times a year. Those interested in learning more about the group or signing up are invited to attend the free informational event on May 22.
“This is a very informal gathering and we don’t want people to feel pressured to join but we hope they’ll come if they’re even a little bit interested. We hope those who have already pledged to join the group will be able to be there as well,” said Stacey Stratman, the leading coordinator of the group. “This group is an opportunity for us to make a huge impact in our community. $10,000 will help non-profits that serve our community make a big difference.”
Each quarter, members will nominate a non-profit to receive the group quarterly donation. The top two nominated organizations and a drawn organization are invited to make a compelling presentation at the quarterly meeting, and the women will then cast their vote. The winning non-profit will receive a donation of $10,000. Any amount in excess of $10,000 will be divided among the remaining two selected non-profit organizations. 100+ Women Who Care of Evansville has the potential to raise and donate over $40,000 annually, directly impacting our local community while encouraging women of like minds to meet new people and learn about unique charities within the tristate area. Those interested are encouraged to attend the informational meeting on May 22. Those unable to attend should inquire directly at 100womenwhocare@gmail.com.

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