Recently, named Columbus as Indiana's most underrated city citing architecture and food as its two main attractions. Okay... hello? Apparently, they must not know bout Evansville.

You want food? We got food... Plenty of it. You want architecture? We've got that covered too. But what else makes Evansville the most underrated city in Indiana?

10. It's So Close to... Everything

It's a 2-3 hour drive to some of the best destinations in the United States such as Nashville, TN, Louisville, KY, and Indianapolis, IN. TWO TO THREE HOURS!!!

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9. There's SO. MUCH. TO. EAT.

When our corporate team or family comes to visit, I have to remember all the local eateries to take them to... I have to ask, "Do you like Greek, Japanese, German, Italian, steaks, Moroccan, seafood, brains, etc. etc. etc.?"


8. The Community Cares About Each Other

Know how I spend every first weekend of December? Collecting toys for kids in the hospital. Know what I do every first weekend of February? Watch the tri-state donate over $300,000 to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Know what I do every other week of the year? Help the good people of this community advertise their fundraising events for various community projects such as Make-a-Wish, Easter Seals, Susan G. Komen, Gilda's Club, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and so much more. It's not an 'every man for himself' mentality here. We care about our community!


7. 15-Minute Commute Times

Evansville isn't a tiny town - it's a decent size. And, yes, the Lloyd has its issues but honestly, I'm never stuck in traffic like my brother who lives in Pheonix and enjoys a nice 2-hour commute every day.

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6. Evansville Embraces the Past

I mean we still use our 100-year-old baseball field; you can board the LST that was built during WWII; the original courthouse, library, and post office buildings are still standing and being used for various purposes. We even celebrate festivals that have been going on since BEFORE WWII. The architecture game is strong.

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5. And Invests in the Future

Oh, we have a state-of-the-art stadium? And, are revamping the river front with a new medical school? And the business landscape of Evansville is always growing and changing? Sounds like a good reason to name us most underrated if you ask me!

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4. Evansville is for Everyone

The city slogan is "E is for Everyone; Evansville, IN." One of the things that makes Evansville so underrated is the people. I love being around a diverse crowd and we welcome inclusivity.

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3. There's So Much to Do

Know what I find any given day in Evansville? A boatload of stuff to do. Baseball games, wine festivals, art galleries, shopping, live music, trivia nights, library events, kids events, food events.

2. It's Affordable

I just love watching these HGTV "reality" shows where the wife makes customized stickers in her ETSY shop and the husband manages a piano tuning shop and they have a budget of $4 million. Yeah, okay. I've never shopped for a home outside of the tristate but just about anywhere you go $150,000 will get you about 200 square feet and a hole in the ground. Here - that can buy you a really nice home. And bonus: we have the Roseanne house!!


1. Won't You Be Our Neighbor?

As the person who reports on tragedy and triumph, our community seems to always come together to support one another in good times and bad. And, granted there will always be the jerks of the world - the bad apples - but around here I feel safe, welcomed, open about who I am, and happy with where I live.

So, what do you think? Should Evansville have been the top pick?