I've always been fascinated by dreams. I rarely have nightmares or scary dreams, but I do have very vivid dreams, and I believe they are sometimes warnings or a peek into your deep subconscious. Sometimes my dreams are so real, that I feel like it happened in real life.

Way before we had the internet...Yes kids there was a time before Google, I bought a book with dream meanings. Sounds a little crazy, right? Yep, that's just another layer of Liberty LOL!

Anyway, I kind of have this gift of figuring out what dreams really mean, in relation to real life.

For part of my dream defining skills, I use my dream book, 'The Dreamer's Dictionary'. The rest is purely my intuition.

We recently had listeners share their reoccurring nightmares with us. I will go through some of the most common nightmares,like this one: 'For years now and at least a few times a year, I have a nightmare that I’ve lost my wallet and my credit cards. I’m trying to find out who to call and cancel. It’s always a stressful dream' and give you basic meanings for them. Let's see if any of these relate to you.

If you have a dream that you want me to try and define, just email me: liberty@my1053WJLT.com

10 of the Most Common Nightmares and What They Could Mean

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