In honor of National Donut Day this Friday, we're giving away a bunch of delciousness from the Donut Bank...and all you have to do to win is listen to the new MY105.3 WJLT!

It really is that simple. Just tell us your name and where you listen to MY105.3 WJLT. We'll be out this Friday, driving around and delivering donuts. If we pay you a visit and you are, in fact, listening to MY105.3, you'll win a free dozen donuts!

And even if we don't stop by and see you, you'll have additional chances to call in and win donuts during the My Morning Show with Bobby & Stacey, and during the My Afternoon Show with Deb Turner.

Donut Bank Donuts

Do you listen to MY105.3 throughout the day? Where do you work, at work or what? Tell us your name and where you listen. Be specific because we might visit you on Friday with a dozen donuts from Donut Bank!
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