Do you ever buy stuff at the grocery store because it's half price and you really didn't need it? That's me...sometimes. In this case, it was chocolate.  I’m guilty!  And, I was doing so good up until a couple of weeks ago.  Shortly after the Easter holiday, I went grocery shopping and found myself checking out aisles and aisles of leftover Easter candy. I had no willpower at all.  So, I started throwing several bags of chocolate in my grocery cart! For gosh sakes it was half price! I couldn’t resist. Lol.   So, over the weekend, my husband and I indulged on that half price Easter candy.  Mmmmm.  I love chocolate.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures. So now, I’m gonna have to head into the gym and work even harder to burn it off!  Ugh!  More sit ups, cardio, and weights!  Gotta shed those extra calories from weekend binging on chocolate candy!   #ontheball     #itstoughtryingtostayfit

photo credit by Deb Turner