What's going on?

SCAM ALERT - Facebook Scam Wants Your Money
Facebook can be a place for all kinds of good, but it can also be a place are the bad floats to the surface. Please beware of the latest Facebook scam the wants to trick you into thinking you won the lottery and then tries to get your personal info! Take a look!
Stop Using This Cleaning Tool NOW
Summer cookouts are in full swing! Before you get the grill fired up, be very careful how you clean it. Doctors are warning of a fatal danger!
Mountain Lion Spotted Near St. Wendel
Last seen a couple of years ago, residents have once again spotted it lurking around the same wooded area where it was suspected of killing a family pet.
Lifeguards Needed
Need extra cash this summer, or have a teenager in the house that needs to earn their keep with a summer job? The Evansville Parks and Recreation Department is in need of lifeguards at all their neighborhood pools!
Jury Phone Scam Targeting the Tri-State
If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the U.S. Marshal's Office threatening to arrest you for missing jury duty unless you pay a fine, be cautious. It's likely a phone scam the Tri-State Better Business Bureau says is targeting local residents.