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Top Christmas Candy State By State!
As we head into the Christmas Season, besides presents eating lots of great goodies is a perk of the season! Check out the Top Candies from each state!
How To Keep Your Kids Entertained On Christmas Break
Having kids is an AMAZING thing until they have a couple of weeks off from school for Christmas break! So how do you keep them busy and out of your hair? Here are some great craft and activity ideas!
Chubby Bunny Challenge- Double Dog Dare Us
Double Dog Dare Us to do whatever your wild and crazy mind can come up with. Please don't try and kill us. Our Mom's would be sad and our boss will fire us.
Natural Bridge State Resort Park in Kentucky [My Weekend Getaway]
I love to travel. It's one of my favorite things to do in my spare time. If I could, I'd be on the road everyday. So, when I'm able - I jump in the truck and hit the road. I believe we have this amazing world all around us that we tend to miss out on because we're going so fast. I challenge you to s…
Sweet Sixteen Power Ranking… The Mascots
It's time for the Big Dance people... the Sweet Sixteen is HERE! Games start tonight, and you can check out a full line up here.
I read something over the weekend about re-seeding the tournament. Basically saying, with who's left, how would the remaining teams rank - #1 through #16...