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7 Fun Events To Enjoy This Weekend [Jan 12-14]
There are so many fun events in our community for this weekend! I have highlighted seven for you to enjoy! Don't let the cold keep you in...get out and enjoy what Evansville has to offer.
Can You Will Yourself Well?
Getting sick is the worst! It could be an annoying tummy ache or the full-blown flu. I have a theory on how you can get better faster...with your mind.
What To Do With A Christmas Tree After Christmas
What do you do with your real tree after Christmas? You can have it hauled away or you can cut it up for kindling and firewood for smores. I chose to get out the ol' chainsaw, here is how it went down.
Should Noodles Be Banned From Chili?
Chili is something that people are very passionate about. I think it's because chili recipes are passed down from generation to generation and don't you mess with my Nana's recipe.
We asked our listeners if they like noodles in their chili or if they should be banned...
How To Prepare For A Crossfit Competition
My partner, Natalie, and I have a Crossfit competition this weekend at Barkley Lake and I am really excited! There are 4 important steps to take when preparing for an intense competition like this.