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The Mystery of Liberty’s Secret Santa
I put things like, Hello Kitty, Disney, coffee and wine. Armed with that little bit of information, my Secret Santa has given me some super awesome gifts!
Top 3 Karaoke Songs That Every Crowd Loves
I started to google the most popular songs to karaoke, since my favs are not exactly mainstream. But instead, I did my own "Scientific" research during the party, and these songs are sure to get everyone singing!
Which Christmas Treat Should Liberty Make?
Sure, it would be easy to just buy something already prepared, but I like to bake! I haven't been able to decide what to make. There are so many yummy & cute Christmas treats, which one would you try?
How Many Calories Are in Your Favorite Cookie?
Today is the National Day to celebrate Cookies! I love almost any cookie (Unless it has coconut, yuck) But, if I'm going to splurge, I want to make sure the calories are worth it!