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Remembering Dad on Father’s Day!
Today is the day we celebrate Dad’s on this Father’s Day! Throughout my childhood, my Dad was always joking around with us kids. At family gatherings, at the dinner table, and in public places he’d be making us all laugh.
Deb Visits Patoka Lake Winery [Video]
Patoka Lake Winery is one of the newest wineries in the state and is Indiana's first winery with lodging attached to the tasting room. Check out the tour with Deb! [Video]
Deb Introduces Liberty to the Downtown Evansville Farmers Market
There's always a "first time" for things in life, and so it goes for Liberty who had never been to the Downtown Evansville Farmers Market. She agreed to go with me recently and found there's lots of great things she never knew you could buy there! Check out the video!
Kelly Clarkson Receives Her Bet from Blake Shelton
During Season 14 of The Voice, new coach Kelly Clarkson and 6-time winner coach Blake Shelton, sat side by side in their big red chairs. Kelly wasted no time letting Blake know she was in it to win it all and proposed a bet to him during the show.
Parade of Home Features Soccer Room and More! [Video]
One of the homes I had the honor of judging this year on the Parade of Homes is located in Eagle Ridge Estates and is #28 on the POH map. Its many features were stunning, to say the least, and even had a kids soccer room! Check out this video!