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Jim Beam Celebrated Their 15 Millionth Barrel of Bourbon [PHOTOS]
Yesterday, Jim Beam announced that they had filled their 15 millionth barrel of bourbon since the end of the prohibition. The milestone barrel was a first for Kentucky distilleries. I took a tour last year and the place was amazing. Check out the slideshow!
Reliving '80's Classics from Hairball
If you didn't attend the Hairball concert Saturday night, you missed some of the best classic rock and roll from the '80's. Many fans came in '80's fashion and left wanting more great music and memories of the night.
Clocks Move Forward One Hour this Weekend
This Saturday night before you go to bed, don't forget to move your clocks FORWARD one hour. We'll lose an hour of sleep, unfortunately, but gain longer daylight during the day.
Friedman Park in Newburgh Has Pavilion's for Rent [Video]
Last summer, the new 5.5 million dollar Friedman Park in Newburgh opened with beautiful facilities and ample space for anything you may want to plan, including their 2 pavilion's that are available to rent for your upcoming family reunion, party, picnic, or gathering.
My 105.3 WJLT's Studio Holiday Tree
All of us love our Holiday Tree here in the studios at My 105.3 WJLT including our guests that visit us. What started out as our beloved Christmas tree is now the "Holiday" tree. See what the newly decorated look is for this month!