This weekend's weather will be downright cold!  The evening temperatures will plummet into the 20's and there's a chance of snow showers Saturday!  So, should you cover your flowers and shrubs?

Hyacinth's credit by Deb Turner
Deb's Hyacinth's - credit by Deb Turner

I made a call to Nick at Colonial Classics in Newburgh and he said if you have any tender perennials ready to blossom, yes, cover them up!  You can protect them with a lightweight sheet instead of plastic. Any tender new growth you see should be covered to protect from the freezing temperatures, not necessarily the snow!

If you have any fruit trees and they're small enough to cover, go ahead and protect them as well.

You'll also want to cover any annuals that you recently planted.

So, before the hard freeze, protect any desirable flower that is exposed to nature's elements.

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