I recently saw an advertisement for Pony Up Daddy Saddles, and I about lost my mind. REALLY?? This is so ridiculous!


So here's my beef:

1. Why daddy? I do the horsey WAY more than my husband does. Don't even get me started on how stupid it is that they named it that. In the add is say, "It's good for Mommy too!" (rolling my eyes)

2. ...and more importantly WHY ...just WHY would someone make this? Riding mommy or daddy as a horsey IS A SPONTANEOUS ACT!!! Imagine this...you are all on the floor with your kids..."Hey Honey? Can you grab the saddle - me and the kids are going to play horsey for a few minutes."

3....and more more importantly. Kids can ride on your back FOREVER...and what adult wants to do that for more than seven minutes. Getting a saddle makes them way too comfortable and less likely to fall off and give the adult a break.

James obliged me and let the triplets ride him so I could have a photo for this blog....LOL...it doesn't end well. So, maybe the saddle isn't such a bad idea. You can hear Reid crying at the end...but he was ok. :)

Official Commercial