June 14th is the day we honor our National Flag, Bourbon, and Strawberry Shortcake here in the USA!  Today we commemorate the adoption of our USA flag which took place 240 years ago - June 14, 1777.  Did you know the design of the flag has been modified 26 times!  Fly Old Glory proudly today!  #NationalFlagDay

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It's National Bourbon Day!  I learned a lot about bourbon during my tour of the Jim Beam American Stillhouse this weekend. It must meet certain standards to be considered bourbon.  It has to be produced in a particular region in the U.S and must be 51 percent corn, stored in new charred-oak barrels and distilled no more than 160 proof and barreled at 125 proof.  #NationalBourbonDay  #JimBeambourbon

Jim Beam brands - credit by Deb Turner

It's also National Strawberry Shortcake Day!  Make a strawberry shortcake and indulge!  No matter if you like it made with a biscuit or a sponge cake, grab some fresh strawberries, whipped cream and enjoy some strawberry shortcake!  #StrawberryShortcakeDay

Suzi Pratt