This Sunday many will be celebrating Dad on Father's Day!  I will be celebrating this special day with my husband, Mike, my father-in-law, Doyle Baehl, mama Mary Baehl, our kids & grandson with a family cookout at our place. And, I will be thinking dearly, of my own Dad who passed away 5 years ago.  

Here's my husband, Mike - he loves to go fishing!

credit by Deb Turner

My father passed away 5 years ago from lung cancer.  I miss him so much.  My favorite memories of my Dad was that he could always make you laugh.  That's what I remember most about him.  He would begin telling a story at the dinner table, thinking this was a true story, until the very end when he'd give us the punchline.  He'd love to play with his kids and grandkids, too.  You'd find him playing in the backyard, whether it was a game of kickball or some other fun game; snowball fights in the winter, and my favorite:  teaching me how to play softball.  Thanks Dad for all the things you taught me about life.  I miss you everyday.  All my love forever & ever.

Here's My Dad and me holding my kids Eric & Jaclyn!

My Dad, with his grandkids, Eric & Jaclyn; credit by Deb Turner

My Dad was an excellent cook!  He owned a Bed & Breakfast in Yakima, WA

My Dad; credit by Deb Turner