Bruno Mars Concert Was Definitely Worth the Wait
Last Christmas, I received a surprise gift from my kids.  They both got me tickets to attend a Bruno Mars concert in Indianapolis.  I know!  My mouth dropped to the floor and I couldn't stop screaming!  Then, 8 months later, I finally got to see Bruno!
5 Favorite Brews of Fall
It seems as though summer has just started to kick in here in the Southern Tier.  Yet at dinner the other night, I was told my favorite summer beer Sam Adams Summer was replaced with October Fest.  I guess summer is almost over, well, according to the beer companies anyway.
Do HD Sunglasses Really Work? [Watch]
I'm sure you've seen the infomercials for them...right? The high definition sunglasses that make everything look clearer and sharper. But do they really work? We tried out a pair and you can see our review.

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