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Take a Look at Downtown Evansville 2017 [Slideshow]
Downtown Evansville has really changed over the years.  New businesses have been opening up their doors, the IU Medical School is still under construction, the Downtown Evansville Farmer's Market is open again at 3rd, 4th, & Bond Strs., across from the Lloyd Expressway from Willard…
Today, May 30th is National Water A Flower Day
If it doesn't rain today, we'll need to water a flower or all of them!  It's National Water a Flower Day today - May 30th.
One of my favorite passions is gardening.  So, over the Memorial Day weekend, I decided to plant some flowers.
It’s National Wine Day! [Video]
May 25th is designated yearly as National Wine Day.  So, let's celebrate with your favorite glass of red or white!  I had a chance to stop by Historic Newburgh Inc.'s annual Wine, Art, and Jazz Festival this past weekend

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