Over the weekend while my daughter was in town visiting, we went rummaging through a bunch of vintage books and retro toys that she grew up with.  

Here's what we found: Her ol' Furby which I thought was pretty creepy to begin with, but she loved it!  We also, found some Power Rangers toys and a Ninja Turtle that both belonged to my son.

Furby - Credit by Deb Turner

Jaclyn, btw, is now 6 months pregnant with my little grandson and his arrival will be on July 21st or whenever he's ready!  So, she wanted to see if there were any toys or books that were worth keeping for her son to enjoy some day.

Power Rangers; credit by Deb Turner


Ninja Turtle - credit by Deb Turner

She decided not to take any of these retro toys, and instead took some of her favorite books that she enjoyed as a little girl. She took some Dr. Seuss books, Disney classics, and some Berenstain Bears books.  I loved reading to my own children from the time they were little babies and I'm hoping to read some books and stories to my grandson some day!